Welcome to Cakeflair!

“We keep thinking and dreaming about you wondering how best we can help you achieve happiness everyday…yes, money can’t buy happiness — but it can buy any of our absolutely delicious, gorgeous cakes and that’s nearly the same thing!” – Deliciously yours, Juls


When you’ve weathered a storm, go individual! Turn to our cupcakes for a refreshing throwback. Our cupcakes may be topped with anything out-of-the-box, so long as it’s delicious! Whipped cream, buttercream, creamcheese…endless list.

Black Forest Gateaux

The record-breaking deliciousness of our Black forest Gateau is unparalleled. Soaked in kirsch or cured mixed-fruit wine, we give you the very best melt-in-the-mouth experience.

Sponge Cake

Our fluffy, nifty delicious sponge cake will tickle you deliciously and leave you with sweet memories you’ll always remember!

Fruit Cakes

Our moist, rich fruitcake is the king of all cakes! When you want a kick out of life, reach for our delicious fruitcake and nothing stops you from reaching to the top!

Red Velvet Cake

Our sexy, luscious, seductive red velvet cake can almost pass for an aphrodisiac. Let’s not tell you more, experience it yourself!

Marbled RVChoc Cake

You get the best of both worlds when you want a double-yammy flavourful cake. With streaks of chocolate cake meandering in a rich luxurious spread of red velvet, you get the ultimate experience of decadence. This is truly our signature cake of serendipity!

Lemon Drizzle Cake

When you want a twist to your usual vanilla cake, drizzle it with loads of lemony, tangy goodness. Our lemon cakes have been voted among the very best.

Chocolate Cake

Delicious couverture chocolate is what we offer with our rich luxuriant chocolate cake. You’ll keep going for slice after slice, after slice…after more slices lol!

Carrot Cake

Guilt-free, yes! Guilt-free carrot cake. Step up your game and live life to the fullest with this dainty delicious sweet delight of a cake. Call it the ultimate carrot cake and gbam! You are right on point!